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If you need to edit content in an easy, entertaining and result giving way, EasyProf is undoubtedly what you need. It is the most complete and easy to use software in the market. With EasyProf you will transform your everyday documents into attractive multimedia presentations doing it the easiest way you can imagine.   No complex programming or codes needed, just drag and drop each element wherever you want it to be.

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New developments and Enhanced features in EasyProf 3.10

EasyProf now supports the latest SCORM version. When generating the courses, there will be the possibility to choose between SCORM 2004 4th Edition and earlier versions such as 1.2 and 2004 3rd Edition. Improvements in...

Developments and improvements in EasyProf 3.10

EasyProf es ahora compatible con la última versión de SCORM. A la hora de generar los cursos podrá elegirse entre SCORM 2004 4th Edition y las versiones anteriores, 1.2 y 2004 3rd Edition.     M...

Developments and improvements in EasyProf 3.9

Carousel Item In the Carousel editor, a new field has been added allowing you to edit all time values at once.   Actions  A new “Go to pop up” action has been created to allow you to browse th...

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